Let's Get Lifted: Ideal Strains for Your Session

Cannabis affects everyone differently. The effect cannabis has on you is defined by the strain you consume and your endocannabinoid system which is unique to every person. Many users simply consume what they have around without considering the specific strain. This can often lead to adverse effects, like unwanted sleepiness or paranoia. There’s nothing worse than smoking before a big night out with friends and feeling like all you want to do is curl up on the couch to binge-watch a new show.

Finding the right strain is no easy feat. It takes time, patience and a willingness to experiment. Luckily for you, we’ve put some thought into what strains work best for certain activities and adventures. In the Let’s Get Lifted series, we’re going to provide you with ideal strains to complement your favorite activities. Want a specific suggestion? Drop us a note at contact@shopbotanist.com and we’ll do our best to cover it!

Understanding the Nuance of Strains

If you’re new to cannabis, start by learning about indicas, sativas and hybrids. Once you understand the basics, look at the cannabinoid and terpene profiles to get familiar with the nuances of different strains. The right strain will ideally enhance the best facets of whatever activity you’re engaged in. Pairing a strain isn’t so different than selecting essential oil blends for different times of the day. You might like to wake up with an invigorating citrus scent, but prefer winding down with a calming lavender blend.

Ideal Cannabis Strains for A Day Hike


Fall is in full swing! That means fresh air, sunshine and outdoor adventures. On the weekends, we love escaping the city for a beautiful day hike. One of our favorite spots is Catoctin Mountain Park, about an hour outside of Baltimore. You can hike up to Chimney Rock for a stunning view of the Catoctin mountains or head to Cunningham Falls to explore Maryland’s highest cascading waterfall with a beautiful fall foliage backdrop. Don’t forget to hydrate on your hike! You might need extra water to combat dry mouth. 

Here are a few strains to try out on your next mountain adventure:

East Coast Sour Diesel - This sativa-dominant strain will kick you into gear with a productive mental high. Great for physical activities due to it’s energetic and happy effect. You’ll be climbing trees and hiking up the mountainside in no time. 

Golden Strawberry - An all-time favorite for reaching that blissed-out state. Energizing enough to pair with an active pursuit, this strain will also taper off into a mellow vibe. When you reach Chimney Rock, you’ll feel a sense of serenity as you gaze out on that picturesque vista. 

G6 - A potent, uplifting strain that leaves you clearheaded and excited to tackle the day. Almost like the green version of a shot of espresso. This feel-good strain will keep you going on your daytime adventure.

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