A Newcomer’s Guide to the Perfect Session

When you're new to cannabis, it can be somewhat daunting to walk into a dispensary and be expected to pick out what's right for you. Don't worry, that's what budtenders are for. Ask questions and tell your budtender what kind of effect and relief you're looking for. Like any good vibe guide, they'll point you in the right direction. And don't forget, when you're just starting out, microdose!

Set the Vibe

Don't underestimate the importance of ambience. Put a little effort into setting the right tone before your session. This can depend on what kind of experience you're going for, but chill lighting and a great playlist are almost always a good idea. Put on some cozy clothes and find a nice spot to hang out in. 

Maybe you want to have a great comedy lined up on Netflix or an adult coloring book ready to go. Remember that cannabis can enhance some of the most enjoyable aspects of life. When you're high, music sounds a little better, nature looks a little prettier and food tastes a little more delicious. Speaking of delicious food, it's fair to have a healthy amount of trepidation about munchies. Not every strain will increase your appetite, but snacks are still always a good idea. Also, as always, hydration is key. 


What To Avoid

One of the most important factors of a great session is who you're hanging out with. Good friends make everything more fun. As a new user, you might not want certain people in your life to be privy to your consumption. Getting a poorly timed phone call from your boss might be just the thing to tip the scales of paranoia. You don't want anyone intruding on your high. Pick the right time to consume so you can maximize your enjoyment.

It's probably best to have your first session in the comfort of your home. In general, cannabis can be an awesome way to enhance social experiences. But, hold off on smoking before a dinner party until you figure out your comfort level, tolerance and favorite strains. Until you know how your body reacts, it's best to avoid combining cannabis and alcohol. The two don't always mix well.


USE with Intention

From back pain to an anxious mind, cannabis is a wonderful tool for escaping what ails you. Though cannabis can have a powerful effect on your mood, it doesn't hurt to have a positive mindset going into it. You already have the power within you to change your perspective and curate your life - cannabis just helps you tap into that ability a little more easily. Bottom line, consuming cannabis should result in an enjoyable, healing experience. Take a little time to set yourself up to maximize the bliss!