Weed and Wellness: 5 Ways You Can Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Fitness Routine

Cannabis can be a powerful asset in your approach to wellness. The age-old portrayal of the lazy stoner is finally starting to fall by the wayside. And, rightfully so. These days, the cannabis consumer is quite health-conscious. A canna-friendly person is easily associated with green juice, frequent yoga practice and sunset sounds baths. It’s no surprise that yogis like to get elevated before a session; the practice and plant go hand in hand. Outside of wellness trends, cannabis is no stranger to the broader fitness world.

For decades, professional athletes, from the NFL to UFC, have turned to cannabis as a source of healing. As legalization advances, athletes are speaking up about their consumption and helping change the stigma. Mainstream media is reporting the plant to be a supplement, rather than a hindrance, to health optimization. Whether it’s a THC-enhanced spin class or rigorous obstacle course, fitness studios across the board are exploring creative ways to weave cannabis into their programming. 

Due to lack of scientific research, a lot of what we know about cannabis and working out stems from anecdotal evidence. Next time you exercise, experiment with these suggestions. You’ll likely discover some ways to enhance your fitness routine with a little help from the herb.


I. Microdose Mindfully

Microdosing is the key to cannabis and working out. You don’t want to get really high before an intense physical activity. The goal is to consume just enough to liberate your body, get your mind in the zone and reduce inflammation and, in some cases, pain. Start with a much lower dose than you would take for a nighttime relaxation session. 

II. Shift Your Perspective

It isn’t always easy to motivate yourself to work out. Cannabis can be a great tool for shifting your current mindset to a more positive state. With the right strain, you might find yourself more empowered than ever to tackle that challenging fitness class.

III. Stretch It Out

Tight muscles are not conducive to a productive workout. Cannabis is shown to reduce muscle spasticity and stiffness; it can help loosen your muscles. Stretching out after you microdose can help you achieve greater flexibility and improve your exercise. 

IV. Hone In Your Focus

Many people find that cannabis enhances the mind-body connection. A successful workout relies on your ability to read your body and activate the correct muscles in the right way. Use the plant to get more in tune with your physical self; a focus-driven strain, like Silver Haze, can be ideal for weight-lifting.

V. Improve Your Recovery Time

Recovery time is essential to physical exercise. The anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties of cannabis can be immensely beneficial during your recovery period. Reduce muscle soreness and inflammation with tinctures, topicals and high CBD strains, like Harlequin. Cannabis can also alleviate discomfort and ensure a sound night’s sleep when you’re too sore to drift off easily.