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The Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant

Though cannabis is ubiquitous in our society, most users never get the opportunity to see a cannabis plant in person. We live in an age where you can walk into a dispensary, purchase perfectly-trimmed, crystal-coated buds and enjoy them at home without ever thinking twice about how that plant came to be. Regardless of the convenience of cannabis today, it’s important that people understand the anatomy of the cannabis plant.

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Every Patient Has Voice: Cannabis Advocacy 101

It’s incredible to stop and think about how far we’ve come in legalizing and normalizing cannabis. Today, we have 29 states with medical cannabis programs and nine states with recreational markets. In the past few years, cannabis reform has become a mainstream issue across the country. The tides are finally changing. However, our work isn’t close to being done.

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Weed and Wellness: 5 Ways You Can Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Fitness Routine

Cannabis can be a powerful asset in your approach to wellness. The age-old portrayal of the lazy stoner is finally starting to fall by the wayside. And, rightfully so. These days, the cannabis consumer is quite health-conscious. A canna-friendly person is easily associated with green juice, frequent yoga practice and sunset sounds baths. It’s no surprise that yogis like to get elevated before a session; the practice and plant go hand in hand. Outside of wellness trends, cannabis is no stranger to the broader fitness world.

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