Five Strains for a Sound Night’s Sleep


Roughly 60 million Americans are affected by some sort of sleep disorder, most of whom are simply ‘dealing with it’ or taking pharmaceutical medicines that can leave you feeling groggy and out of touch the next morning.

Luckily, studies are showing that there’s a better solution to battling sleep disorders: cannabis.

Cannabis has been used as a highly effective sleep aid for years. It is a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for insomnia and other sleeping-related issues. Cannabis can be an ideal resource for those seeking out a more blissful sleep.

Narrowing down the right strain for treating your insomnia can depend on what causes your sleeping issues. Insomnia can result from changes in routine, stress, pain or discomfort, medications and environmental factors. If your lack of sleep stems from anxiety, it's probably best to refrain from high THC strains. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, strains with strong analgesic properties will be most helpful. 

The first rule of thumb is to consume indica strains when looking to ease nighttime troubles.

Sativas can have an energizing, upper effect making them less than ideal for drifting off. Though you may instinctively opt for a higher CBD strain because of its typical relaxing effects, don’t discount the benefits of THC in nighttime relief. Low doses of THC can help you drift off to sleep more easily. Some studies have shown that higher levels of THC can reduce the amount of REM sleep you get. This means that your time spent dreaming is lessened - a potentially helpful effect for patients trying to reduce nightmares caused by PTSD. 

Sleeping disorders can wreak havoc on one’s life. More and more people are celebrating the impressive ability of cannabis to help alleviate sleeping issues. Nighttime consumers find that cannabis can make it easier to fall asleep and help achieve a deeper sleep that lasts longer.


Here are some of our favorite strains to help you achieve a more restorative rest:

Harle Tsu
A high-CBD hybrid that is celebrated for its calming properties. This strain will help relieve pain, stress and anxiety, especially the latter due to a lower THC content.

Girl Scout Cookies
A heavy hitter that will knock you out fast. This indica strain has up to 20% THC and will give you a full body sedating, relaxing experience.

Northern Lights
An old-school strain that has been around for decades. Northern Lights is known to have a euphoric, yet relaxed effect. Try this out if you’re having trouble drifting off due to stress and anxiety.

Granddaddy Purple 

A classic indica that is great for mellowing out. This strain has illustrated higher levels of the terpene, myrcene, which is said to have a sedative effect. 

White OG

A fairly balanced hybrid that brings about the positive vibes of a sativa, while achieving the heavy-bodied sensation of a strong indica. Ideal for nighttime, this potent strain is an effective remedy for sleep troubles. 

Stephanie ThompsonMedical