A Beginner's Guide to Microdosing


Microdosing is the perfect way to achieve a relaxed, yet focused high. By consuming smaller trace amounts of cannabis over a period of time, microdosing allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without experiencing certain side effects like paranoia, anxiety or intense psychoactivity. Consuming small doses of cannabis can provide a subtle, but profound form of healing and relief.

Microdosing isn’t for patients who lean on cannabis for things like severe pain relief, but more and more people are finding that lower doses of THC paired with a richer cannabinoid profile can be the best solution for using cannabis therapeutically.


Know Your Dose

Cannabis is a bespoke medicine that should be tailored to each consumer’s individual make-up. Cultivate an understanding of your endocannabinoid system by keeping a journal to track strain type, delivery method, dosage and side effects. Take your time and be patient when figuring out what dosage and delivery method work best for you. Be mindful of other elements that may impact the outcome of your high when microdosing. Your environment, state of mind, hydration and nutrition can all affect your experience. 

Always start with low doses and build up from there. Vaporizing can allow you to control your intake more accurately. If you're smoking cannabis, take one hit and wait for ten minutes to gauge the effects. A chillum (a small pipe perfect for one-hitters) can be a great tool for this. Seek out strains that have a higher CBD to THC ratio or, at least, a balanced one. The overall cannabinoid profile is important, as well the terpenes. Terpenes can influence whether you feel more mellow and euphoric or creative and energized.


Resetting Your Tolerance

Like in all other forms of medicine, you want to treat yourself with the lowest effective dose. Microdosing will help you identify that sweet spot, but you may need to reset your THC tolerance. Maybe you needed higher doses of THC for treating a past condition. Maybe you have to consume larger amounts of herb to achieve any kind of helpful high because of your habitual consumption. Whatever the case, you can try to reset your tolerance. The length of a tolerance break depends on your consumption patterns. In general, it works to halt consumption for 48 hours. Start again with a very low dose of 1 to 2 mg of THC. Try this out for one or two sessions and see how you feel. If that isn’t effective, increase the dosage to 5 mg and then onwards. The art of microdosing requires patience and mindfulness. If you do it right, you’ll be well on your way to achieving harmony between your mind and body.

Stephanie ThompsonBeginner