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The Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant

Though cannabis is ubiquitous in our society, most users never get the opportunity to see a cannabis plant in person. We live in an age where you can walk into a dispensary, purchase perfectly-trimmed, crystal-coated buds and enjoy them at home without ever thinking twice about how that plant came to be. Regardless of the convenience of cannabis today, it’s important that people understand the anatomy of the cannabis plant.

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A Newcomer’s Guide to the Perfect Session

When you're new to cannabis, it can be somewhat daunting to walk into a dispensary and be expected to pick out what's right for you. Don't worry, that's what budtenders are for. Ask questions and tell your budtender what kind of effect and relief you're looking for. Like any good vibe guide, they'll point you in the right direction. And don't forget, when you're just starting out, microdose.

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