Does my insurance cover any fees associated with my medical marijuana costs?

Health insurance companies are not required to cover medical marijuana costs, but some private health insurers can develop policies that will cover medicinal marijuana costs. We recommend consulting with your insurance company to see if you qualify. 

Do I need a medical marijuana card?

Medical marijuana cards are not required but they are available as an option for a fee of $50. Learn more about how to become a patient.

Can I buy cannabis outside of Maryland once I’m certified?

Your medicinal marijuana certification is only valid at licensed dispensaries in the state of Maryland.

How much cannabis can I legally possess?

In Maryland, medicinal marijuana patients are allowed to possess no more than 120 grams (or four ounces) unless explicitly prescribed by your physician.

Where can I consume cannabis legally?

The consumption of cannabis is prohibited in public places in Maryland, so we recommend staying in your home while medicating.

Can I travel out of state with my medicinal marijuana?

Patients are prohibited from travelling to other states with any form of cannabis, so make sure to leave your medicine behind when travelling out of the state of Maryland.

Can I grow my own marijuana plants?

No, only licensed producers are permitted to grow marijuana.


Where does The Botanist source its products?

At The Botanist, we pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality cannabis products from certified state producers grown locally in the state of Maryland.

How do I know how much cannabis I should consume?

The effects of cannabis are different for everyone, but if you’re just starting out we recommend starting with smaller doses of strains and products that have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. For more information about dosage, please feel free to consult with one of our highly trained budtenders.

What happens if I’m stopped by law enforcement with medical marijuana?

If medical marijuana is found during a search, just present your patient ID card or certification to the law enforcement official, or direct them to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission who can confirm your certification through their database.

Can I order online?

We’ll be launching online pre-order capabilities soon! Stay tuned for updates.

Does The Botanist deliver?

We do not have a delivery service at this time.

How do I become a Botanist member?

First, you have to fill out an application with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to become a medical marijuana patient and register with a certified cannabis physician. You can start this process by visiting the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to learn more and submit your application.