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Our RSO products are the result of a true whole plant extraction process that contains all the compounds found within the cannabis plant in a fully activated, ready to consume format. Available in both the traditional oil syringe format or in our new vegan capsules.

Why RSO?
  • RSO retains the cannabis plant’s phytochemicals which add to the holistic therapeutic value, resulting in an oil with authentic dark brown color and the intense flavor and aroma of the plant.
  • RSO has a higher concentration of cannabinoids compared to other methods of administration.
  • RSO can be paired with CBD oil to reduce the psychoactive effects for patients new to cannabis.
  • Our process uses kosher food-grade ethanol instead of harsh solvents like naphtha or hydrocarbon that are more traditionally used for RSO.
  • For patients who are looking for an easily dose-able format – our vegan capsules bring all the benefits of RSO, without the earthy-plant taste in both Low Potency and Extra High Potency options.
“The Botanist’s RSO is truly a whole plant medicine that pulls all the flavors, aromas and compounds naturally found in the plant into a potent, concentrated oil with heightened medicinal benefits.”  — Kalee Eckles, PharmD


  • Available In:
    • Metered syringe with twist-off cap (.8g of oil per syringe, ~590mg THC per syringe)
      • Please note that this oil is very thick. If you have trouble getting it out of the syringe, it can be warmed by rolling the syringe between your hands, or running the syringe under warm water.
    • Low Potency Capsules (~22 capsules per bottle, ~5mg THC per capsule)
    • High Potency CBG 1:1 Capsules (~11 capsules per bottle, ~20mg THC / ~20 mg CBG per capsule)
    • High Potency CBN 1:1 Capsules (~11 capsules per bottle, ~20mg THC / ~20mg CBN per capsule)
    • Extra High Potency Capsules (~11 capsules per bottle, ~40mg THC per capsule)
  • Ingredients: Crude Cannabis Extract. May also contain CBD isolate depending on batch. See product label for details.