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The Botanist Ohio locations will be closed on Aug 21st for a Staff Appreciation Event, and a well-deserved day off.  Thanks to our staff for all of their hard work and dedication!

Vape Cartridge

Our craft-extraction techniques achieve a uniquely potent and truly flavorful vape cartridge with only one ingredient – cannabis.

Beyond THC: Unlocking Minor Cannabinoids
  • Our vape cartridge formulation includes the addition of beneficial minor cannabinoids, allowing our patients to experience the entourage effect with every inhalation.


Purity: No Fillers or Non-Cannabis Ingredients
  • Our vapes will never use any harsh fillers, like vitamin E acetate or botanical terpenes.


Single-Source Terpenes: Staying True to the Strain
  • Each Botanist vape highlights the natural terpene profile of its cannabis strain. Our small-batch extraction process gently recovers terpenes, truly reflecting the plant’s full-flavor profile in the finished product.


Traceability: Know What You’re Buying
  • Our oil is made using ingredients that can be traced from seed-to-sale. To ensure transparency, the testing results for our products are always available.


Available In: 0.5g and 0.85g cartridges, compatible with AVD Seed batteries only.



Ingredients: Cannabis extract, cannabis terpenes

The Botanist Vape Cartridge offerings are available in a variety of strain-specific options that are either Sativa or Indica dominant. These profiles change on a regular basis. Please see your local dispensary menu for current product offerings. 


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