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Welcome, NYC.

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Flavor the moment with exclusive strains from The Botanist

  • Unique strain collection (bred in-house)
  • Live cannabis terpenes (for maximum strain-specific flavor)
  • 100% cannabis (no botanical ingredients or cutting agents)

The Botanist Loyalty Program

Become part of our loyalty program and grow your love of cannabis.

*Medical Card Holders are automatically signed up at time of Purchase. Points can only be redeemed on The Botanist products but can are earned with every purchase.

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent

For every 100 points, receive $5 OFF your purchase

*Points expire December 31. After December points expire 120 days. Purchases over $100 can use up to $50 in loyalty points per day. Purchases under $100 can use up to $25 in loyalty points per day. No cash value. 

Frequently asked questions

Since NY is recreational can I make a purchase?

No, adult-use / recreational sales have not started yet. You would need a NY medical marijuana card to…

Does my insurance cover any fees associated with my medical marijuana costs?

Health insurance companies are not required to cover medical marijuana costs, but some private health insurers can develop…

Can I order online?

Yes! You can shop our full product assortment, place an order and pick up your medication at the…

Can I purchase for someone else if they can't pick up their medicine?

You would need a medical marijuana caregiver card. We can assist with that as long as you have…

Can I use a credit card?

No, as marijuana is not federally legal yet you cannot use a credit card. Methods of payment are…

How do I get a medical marijuana card in the state of New York?

A prescribing doctor can certify you (you must first be certified by a registered practitioner). Then with that…


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